Unit 6 Assessment: The Lab-Grown Kidney

You are a doctor in a hospital with a patient who is also a close friend. The patient is currently unconscious and suffering from acute kidney failure. You have tried multiple times to get a hold of this person’s family but have not been able to. You are also unable to find a will for the patient. This friend is very passionate about her religion, which, amongst other things, doesn’t allow its people to use lab-made organs. Your patient came into the hospital very late, meaning actions must be taken immediately if you plan to save her.

Unfortunately, your friend is in urgent need of a new kidney, and because of your location, all you have access to are lab-grown organs. You have the choice of giving her a lab-grown kidney, meaning almost certain survival, but this would require betraying your friend’s trust. If your friend were to find out, she would feel absolutely betrayed and you could lose an important companion. Additionally, if the church discovered that she had a lab-grown kidney inside her, she would be kicked from the church forever and looked down upon by all her people.

Your only other option is to leave your friend with her own kidney and hope that she heals. However, the chances of survival with this route are extremely slim. If your friend does survive after this option, she and the church will be eternally grateful and loving towards you.

What should you do?

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