Unit 8: The Force

Poster promoting clean water in Mexico.
Poster promoting clean water in Mexico.


The poster reads:

“The Water is Toxic!”

“Give Mexico Clean Water”

“The tap water in Mexico does not have to go through water purfication. This is a danger for tourists, visitors, and the citizens because it can be a carrier of diseases. In 2008, 73% of the water in Mexico was contaminated (PNUMA.org, 2010). The best solution is to make water treatment facilities in Mexico. Many species will be affected from this, such as people, dogs, and cats. But many bacteria and pathogens are affected too. For example, cholera was in Mexico in 2013 and extended through Mexico. If we have water treatment facilities in Mexico, this will not be able to happen and cholera will die. Because of this, cholera will not survive into the future.”

The legend, from top to bottom reads:

“Excellent”  “Acceptable”  “Somewhat contaminated”   “Contaminated”  “Highly contaminated”  and  “Presence of toxins”