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Unit 4 Assessment: Telephone Innovation

The invention of the telephone is something that has had a large hand in making our world today. The first successful telephone call, by a man named Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, was the first step in creating something that is now looked at as a necessity.
Look around and you will notice, whether landline or cellular, almost everybody has a telephone. Telephones affect business, personal matters, and every other relation between humans. They are a direct result of the values of society.
Man has a natural desire for convenience, and telephones are a product of man’s desire for convenience. Telephones allow for multiple people to talk to each other instantaneously, whenever they want. Rather than writing a letter or going to someone directly, people can press a few buttons and then have full conversations from completely different parts of the world.
Imagine how hard it would be for people and businesses to share their expertise, products, services, thoughts, and everything else if telephones hadn’t been invented.

First math component. The information in this photo is purely fictional.
First math component. The information in this photo is purely fictional.

The concept of supply and demand alone has become significantly easier since the invention of telephones. If a business or person needs more supplies or products, they can simply call up the supplier and request more. Then, people can stay updated throughout every step of the process: delivery, shipping, creation, sales, etc. Without the invention of telephones, even your local corner stores would be completely different than what they are today. It may have taken weeks, if not months, for them to get your favorite bag of chips or preferred flavor of ice cream if they had to send a letter or request more in person.
As if finding a landline to call someone wasn’t convenient enough, humans went ahead and made mobile telephones using cellular services. The first mobile phone call was on April 3, 1973 by a man named Martin Cooper. The mobile phone allowed for people to now make calls in even more places! Rather than having to plug a wired telephone into a power source, people can simply pull out their phone in any place that had service and make phone calls. This evolved over time into the cell phones that we know today, one of the ultimate tools of convenience – and a direct reflection of the values of humans. Continue reading Unit 4 Assessment: Telephone Innovation