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Plan a Trip Through Arizona

The trip that I have planned through Arizona is one that will take us Northeast for the most part. On this trip, we will be traveling through about six different biomes, all of which are in state!


The first area that I plan to visit is the Sonoran Desert Scrub area. This biome has an elevation below 3,500 feet and covers much of Southern and Central Arizona. This area also receives a lot of rain during both the summer and winter seasons. Although Phoenix is in the Sonoran Desert Scrub area, I would nevertheless like to travel just over an hour outside of the city so that I can see a more natural and not as heavily populated area.

The Sonoran desert scrub biome is home to many communities of life. These communities include:

  • Plants such as saguaros, chollas, mesquites, and ironwood.
  • Animals such as Javelinas, Gila Monsters, and Cactus Wren.


The second stop on the list is the Chaparral biome, just outside of the Sonoran desert scrub biome. The Chaparral is a mountainous area ranging from about 4,000-6,000 feet in elevation and receives 10-17 inches, on average,  of rain annually.

The Chaparral native life includes:

  • Mammals such as mule deer, elk, and cottontail rabbits.
  • Many lizards and snakes.
  • Birds such as scrub jay, canyon wren, and black chinned sparrow.
  • Plants such as mountain mahogany, prickly pear cactus, agave, yucca, and many more.

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